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Baskets of blessings: for camps residents in Syria

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Since the ongoing civil war, Syria has been subjected to vicious attacks for more than ten years, destroying cities, towns, and villages.
As a result, thousands of people were forced to leave their homes to other areas of Syria, where they suffer from difficult living conditions while lacking food, water, and shelter. most of them are homeless and living in the open, daily faced with the specter of hunger, disease, and the lack of basic needs

In humanitarian crises, food security responses must aim to meet short-term needs. Family food insecurity is one of the four underlying causes of undernutrition, along with malnutrition, lack of protection, unhealthy home environment, and inadequate health care.
This project attempts to provide urgent relief to these displaced persons to assist them and provide them with the necessary life necessities such as food baskets with raw materials to provide essential materials to sustain them.

The targets of the campaign are 300 of the most vulnerable families, including widows and people with disabilities, in the camps of northern Syria.

The basket will provide about 15 kg of food and raw materials most in need to help displaced people get the materials needed to sustain life with only $30 per family you can support one family for one month with the required food and save them from hunger.

Food baskets will be distributed to the most vulnerable families after assessing the need for families and distributing food strains to the most vulnerable.

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