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Help Alaa provide for his family

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Alaa lives with his wife, seven-year-old son, and his elder mother in a humble house with substandard living conditions.

Alaa has been displaced since 2013, because of the bombardment and violence to which his city was subjected. He comes originally from Rural Damascus and now lives in the countryside of Aleppo.

In 2017 Due to the bombing of his village, he lost his right limb while he was purchasing some of his house's needs. He became disabled without any financial resources, This injury, nevertheless, didn’t hinder him from completing his studies at the Teachers' Preparation Institute of the Sports Department. Alaa and his family live in a rental house and pays the rent of this house with 450 $ in debt. Due to the lack of fixed material income for the family, Alaa was forced to recover money to spend money on his family. 

unfortunately, he underwent more than one surgery to correct the amputation, but this did not make him able to work a job to afford the cost of living.

Let's help him secure a mobility mechanism that helps him find good work and secure his family's life.

Make sure that a donation in any amount whatever its value will be very useful to Alaa.

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